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Hannah, 35

I would highly recommend Adeline’s coaching. I was having trouble dating after a long relationship ended. After listening to my experience and what I was looking for, Adeline was able to help guide me through figuring out what I wanted, how I was actively stopping myself from getting it and working through some of my past issues with relationships. Her gentle guidance encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and be sociable in unfamiliar settings. Her encouragement and active listening was invaluable.


Update 2021: Soon after our coaching, Hannah met an amazing man and she also got a great new job with a better salary and awesome projects. She’s been in a relationship with that man for 3 years now and they recently had their first child.

Lauren, 48

Dear Adeline,

As we are entering the holiday season I can’t help but reflect where I was last year and where I am today. Last year I was barely holding up recovering from a break up thinking maybe I broke up with the best man out there and how I was mistaken… luckily I made the best decision to hire you as a coach. The first thing you did was to make sure I never go back to that rot. You hold me honest and accountable and showed me with no possible doubt all the reasons not to fall back and held steady with the break up. Mind you I had been back and forth in this un-healthy circle with this man for two long years… but you did it. You had the words, the arguments, you were unwavering. But I wasn’t an easy case. I didn’t really believe in online dating. I knew I had to do it since meeting  someone new at my age was nearly impossible but I was dragging my feet and very uncomfortable with the process but you hold me accountable again and help me putting together a great profile but I’d say the breakthrough came when we had this NLP session where we worked on deep rooted beliefs of un-worthiness… and then finally I started meeting interesting men and I met Andrew. Andrew is steadfast, committed, he brings me stability that I lacked for so long. He’s not perfect and I’m not either.

I have grown a lot these last few months as he challenges me at being a better version of myself and I do the same for him. What I like is that he’s open to learning and growing so I hope we can carry this to old ages.

Anyway thank you Adeline for your great coaching. You really have it! People like you make this world a better place and I’m tremendously grateful that our path crossed. Wishing you a wonderful year of coaching, love, adventures and time surrounded with the ones you love.

Joyeux Noël et Bonne année !

With much love.


Update 2023 :  Lauren met Andrew (her current partner) just one month after the coaching. They’ve been together for almost 2 years now, they are really happy and are planning beautiful things together.

Jennifer, 29

Adeline helped me create my online dating profile. She talked with me for an hour, asked me questions and made my profile look great, approachable and true to my personality. We then picked pictures to upload and ever since she’s been following my online dating journey. I’ve been filling her in on the good and the bad and she helped me figure out what I didn’t understand.
One day an amazing man contacted me and thanks to Adeline’s much needed advice I’ve been in a relationship with him for 6 months now!!
What I like the most about Adeline’s invaluable help was the level of patience with which she handled my issues, her much needed discretion and the way she tailored her advice to my background, my own personal issues and my needs.
Update 2021: About a year later, Jennifer got married to this man and about a year after that they had their first child. They’ve been happily married for almost 3 years now.

Ashley, 30

Adeline has been amazing over the past few weeks helping me work with career path as well as relationship issues. She has a very natural (and uncanny way) of helping you look at things in a way you never have before. I’ve been to a few therapists before (albeit I know they are different from life coaching), but she’s been able to really help dig into things that others have not. She’s also very honest which I value and is a very much «tell you how it is» kind of person. Definitely recommend seeing Adeline if you’re looking to look deeper in yourself and find more positivity on your path!
Update 2021: About 2 months after our coaching, Ashley landed her dream job in the country she always dreamed of living and so she moved to the other side of the world to start her new life!

Annie, 35

I have been guilty of allowing my partners to lead me on for years and some “ghosting” on me when I thought things were going very well. It had gotten to the point where I felt I was meeting the same man over and over again.
That’s where Adeline stepped in to help break many of my dating habits and beliefs about dating and myself. Adeline got me to strategize about where to meet men, how to engage them, and most importantly how to recognize red flags. Over the course of this program I participated in a mix of deep work to get rid of limiting beliefs I had, dating strategy exercises and advice from Adeline. Adeline also made me equip with tools to use out there in the dating world. Adeline is a kind person and has a positive attitude which I admire greatly.
She is a pleasure to work with and makes “putting yourself out there” not so scary. It became easy to mirror her secure attitude which is exactly what I needed since I was prone to anxiety. I highly recommend working with Adeline!

Jung, 42

I came to Adeline seeking help navigating a brand new relationship.  In an often confusing and anxious stage of dating, Adeline helped me set sensible goals, trust my authentic self, listen to my intuition and celebrate every small success.
Adeline is very knowledgeable and wise in the areas of gender and relationship coaching.  She was also compassionate and very patient.  Our session involving neurolinguistic programing was especially impactful.  However, the best thing about having Adeline as my coach was that she always set me straight when I start fooling myself with what I WANT to believe rather than face the hard truth.
In the end I achieved all my set goals, took the dating to the next level, and started to really enjoy being in a relationship.

Maria, 27

To be honest, I was not at all expecting the breakthrough I experienced working with Adeline. In just one session with Adeline, fears and worries I had been paralyzed with all went away, just gone! Actually I realized that they never existed… It seems that at some point in my life I convinced myself of endless obstacles I would face. Adeline helped me discern that all of those obstacles were in fact non-existent, they only lived in my mind.

After just 2 hours of interactions with Adeline I felt so much lighter… My vision became much clearer.

I left our session with an inspiring feeling of self-confidence and engrossing energy to do things now, today… Not postpone to tomorrow or one day “when I’m ready and circumstances feel right”. Adeline helped me realize that circumstances ARE ALREADY right, I AM ready, and always have been ready to act on my plans, and all there is left to do is execute, which now seems to be so easy and fun rather than troublesome or a deliberate failure as it used to feel.

I think that without Adeline’s help and guidance I would not have been able to get to this state of mind any time soon… or ever… I definitely want to see Adeline again!

Stephen, 25

I came to Adeline when I was in between career paths. The first thing she did was get an understanding of who I was as a person, which was very comforting and it felt personal. She gave me a fresh perspective on issues I thought I already had answers to. I came to Adeline with my career issues, but realistically we touched all basis of my life to get a real understanding of what was going on in my life. Adeline communicates very effectively and helped find potential in me that I never knew was there. There were many topics and issues touched on and what I learned from her will stick with me for the rest of my life. I would definitely recommend Adeline to anyone who feels lost in their life, whether it’d be careers, life or relationships, I believe she can help guide you in the right direction.

Victor, 30

It was my first coaching experience and I was excited to see what was going to happen. I have to say that even after the first session I noticed a huge result. NLP is really quite powerful to look deep into yourself and find roots to some limits you have as an adult, which you would never even think of, and Adeline guides you professionally through this process. After the first session something really noticeable changed in my life: I felt more confident, thoughts became clearer than before, there was more positivity in my life after just one session. So I highly recommend Adeline to anyone who is looking to change their life, she will show you where to start and she will help you build the foundations you need.

Kim, 28

I had the pleasure to work with Adeline for one session and I could not be happier with the experience. I was pleasantly surprised with how productive our hour and a half session yielded. Adeline calmy and empathetically moved me through some very difficult life issues with technics I had never used. She is professional, kind, and skilled at what she does. I would recommend going to Adeline to help give you the push you need to get closer to your personal goals.

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