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the amazing relationship you dream of!!

EASILY and QUICKLY find the amazing relationship you dream of!!


the amazing relationship you dream of!!

EASILY and QUICKLY find the amazing relationship you dream of!!

Are you tired of…

  • Being single despite truly wanting to be in a fulfilling relationship with an amazing partner?
  • Attracting, dating and falling for the same type of men over and over again: they don’t want a relationship with you, they ghost on you after a few weeks of dating or if they actually get in a relationship with you they quickly become everything you do not want in someone?
  • Feeling insecure everytime you’re dating someone (fear that they might leave you or cheat on you, fear that you might not be good enough,…)?
  • Not feeling confident enough and not loving yourself enough?
  • Lacking dating skills and feeling like you don’t understand how men and dating “work”?

If any of this speaks to you, then you’re definitely in the right place! And I have some great news for you! Your love life could very quickly become exactly what you want it to be!

When we work together I will help you quickly and easily break your dating and relationship patterns and start attracting amazing men and fulfilling relationships. How? By working simultaneously on these 3 parts:

1. Mindset : I will help you get rid of your unconscious blocks and limiting beliefs (which are currently preventing you from being able to find the fulfilling relationship you want no matter what you do on a conscious level) and I’ll help you create deep long lasting changes on the inside (with NLP)

2. Dating Strategy : You’ll learn how to date with true self-confidence, self-love and understanding of men (through Coaching & Dating Strategy)

3. Practice : We’ll create and implement and action plan to help you find the fulfilling relationship you dream of

I’m Adeline Bréon, Dating Coach & NLP Master Practitioner. Trained and certified in the US and in France, I help women from all around the world easily and quickly break their dating and relationship patterns and create the love life they dream of!

I look forward to helping you too get the love life you dream of!

Some love notes from my clients!

I would highly recommend Adeline’s coaching. I was having trouble dating after a long relationship ended. After listening to my experience and what I was looking for, Adeline was able to help guide me through figuring out what I wanted, how I was actively stopping myself from getting it and working through some of my past issues with relationships. Her gentle guidance encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and be sociable in unfamiliar settings. Her encouragement and active listening was invaluable.


Update 2021: Soon after our coaching, Hannah met an amazing man and she also got a great new job with a better salary and awesome projects. She’s been in a relationship with that man for 3 years now and they recently had their first child.

Hannah, 35

Dear Adeline,

Last year I was barely holding up recovering from a break up thinking maybe I broke up with the best man out there and how I was mistaken… luckily I made the best decision to hire you as a coach. The first thing you did was to make sure I never go back to that rot. You hold me honest and accountable and showed me with no possible doubt all the reasons not to fall back and held steady with the break up. Mind you I had been back and forth in this un-healthy circle with this man for two long years… but you did it. You had the words, the arguments, you were unwavering. […] I’d say the breakthrough came when we had this NLP session where we worked on deep rooted beliefs of un-worthiness… and then finally I started meeting interesting men and I met Andrew. Andrew is steadfast, committed, he brings me stability that I lacked for so long. […]

Anyway thank you Adeline for your great coaching. You really have it! People like you make this world a better place and I’m tremendously grateful that our path crossed.


Update 2023 :  Lauren met Andrew (her current partner) just one month after the coaching. They’ve been together for almost 2 years now, they are really happy and are planning beautiful things together.

(To read Lauren’s testimonial in full go to the Success Stories’ page)

Lauren, 48

Adeline helped me create my online dating profile. She talked with me for an hour, asked me questions and made my profile look great, approachable and true to my personality. We then picked pictures to upload and ever since she’s been following my online dating journey. I’ve been filling her in on the good and the bad and she helped me figure out what I didn’t understand.
One day an amazing man contacted me and thanks to Adeline’s much needed advice I’ve been in a relationship with him for 6 months now!!
What I like the most about Adeline’s invaluable help was the level of patience with which she handled my issues, her much needed discretion and the way she tailored her advice to my background, my own personal issues and my needs.
Update 2021: About a year later, Jennifer got married to this man and about a year after that they had their first child. They’ve been happily married for almost 3 years now.
Jennifer, 29

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