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Some love notes from my clients!

Adeline helped me create my online dating profile. She talked with me for an hour, asked me questions and made my profile look great, approachable and true to my personality. We then picked pictures to upload and ever since she’s been following my online dating journey. I’ve been filling her in on the good and the bad and she helped me figure out what I didn’t understand.
One day an amazing man contacted me and thanks to Adeline’s much needed advice I’ve been in a relationship with him for 6 months now!!
What I like the most about Adeline’s invaluable help was the level of patience with which she handled my issues, her much needed discretion and the way she tailored her advice to my background, my own personal issues and my needs.
Update 2021: About a year later, Jennifer got married to this man and about a year after that they had their first child. They’ve been happily married for almost 3 years now.

Jennifer, 29

To be honest, I was not at all expecting the breakthrough I experienced working with Adeline. In just one session with Adeline, fears and worries I had been paralyzed with all went away, just gone! Actually I realized that they never existed… It seems that at some point in my life I convinced myself of endless obstacles I would face. Adeline helped me discern that all of those obstacles were in fact non-existent, they only lived in my mind.

After just 2 hours of interactions with Adeline I felt so much lighter… My vision became much clearer.

I left our session with an inspiring feeling of self-confidence and engrossing energy to do things now, today… Not postpone to tomorrow or one day “when I’m ready and circumstances feel right”. Adeline helped me realize that circumstances ARE ALREADY right, I AM ready, and always have been ready to act on my plans, and all there is left to do is execute, which now seems to be so easy and fun rather than troublesome or a deliberate failure as it used to feel.

I think that without Adeline’s help and guidance I would not have been able to get to this state of mind any time soon… or ever… I definitely want to see Adeline again!

Maria, 27

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